Brand Development and Launch

Market and Trend Research | Product Development | Social Media Campaign

Contributors: Radhika Chopra, Kencovia Jean-Baptiste, Aayushi Nair & Nimaanee Narang

Project Brief: Create a new brand that features a new and creative product in the fashion and beauty industry.

According to the trend reports, the color cosmetics and fragrance markets are expected to grow up to $79 billion and by 5.9% till 2026 respectively. Moreover, 49% of women believe in using makeup that is all natural. Subsequently, we created AKRN and developed an entirely organic product that not only addressed the issue of sensitive skin but also happily combined customers’ love for lipsticks and perfumes in one functional design.

This report gives a detailed analysis of the forecasted trends, market research, target consumer and direct competitors. The conception of the product, along with its marketing strategy, branding, social media campaign, and customer experience have been proposed to ensure its successful launch in the contemporary beauty industry.

Trend Report

Conceptualization and Product Development

Brand Development

Website Development

Social Media Campaign