International Retail Expansion

Brand Research | Country Analysis | Global Marketing

Contributors: Radhika Chopra and Eva Kassel

Honest By was founded in January 2012 by Bruno Pieters. It is the most transparent fashion brand in the world that provides complete information on their supply chain and pricing policies. They provide a full cost breakdown of every product - everything from the cost of a button, to the salary of the pattern maker and the retail markup. Their website also displays additional information about where and how the garment was made, the suppliers used for every component in the garment and certificates associated with the textiles they use. By providing this in-depth information, Honest By is currently creating a new paradigm in fashion and retail.

The objective of this project was to plan an expansion strategy for Honest By after identifying and evaluating opportunities in international markets. Marketing objectives, operations, and digital tactics were developed and adapted to the business practices and culture of Germany while responding to competitive pressures in a rapidly changing international market.

Company Overview

Country Analysis

External Analysis

Marketing Objectives and Strategies

Digital Marketing Strategy