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10-year Business Strategy for Luxury Hospitality

Brand Analysis | Trend Forecasting | Marketing and Strategy

Contributors: Radhika Chopra, Sania Lakhani & Hetal Patel

Ever since its inception in 1934, the Oberoi Group has set high benchmarks in luxury hospitality with its magnificent collection of heritage hotels in India. Deeply rooted in the Indian culture of impeccable hospitality, the group currently operates over 35 luxury hotels and two river cruise ships in six countries. This project aims at identifying the new frontier of luxury hospitality after a decade and creating a global blueprint for the Oberoi Luxury Resorts and Spas.

The global luxury hotels market was valued at USD 153.82 billion in 2015 and is expected to reach USD 194.63 billion by 2021, growing at a CAGR of 3.5%. Oberoi’s unique selling proposition has always been the location, related experiences, and services. As a result, the business strategy is centered on three key geographical locations, each offering diverse experiences in the lap of luxury.

The approach of a three-dimensional strategy encapsulates the three thresholds of human life. The wildlife safari in Masai Mara will be focused on providing the ultimate glamping adventure to families and friends. The Oberoi Lakshadweep Resorts is a specially curated experience for guest to enjoy an intimate treehouse paradise with their partner. The Oberoi Wellness Retreat aims to offer relaxing services that amalgamate top medical healing treatments, health care, and spiritual wellness.

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