International Retail Expansion

Brand and Market Analysis | Business Expansion Plan | IMC plan

Contributors: Radhika Chopra and Nimaanee Narang

Heston Blumenthal’s The Fat Duck was established in 1995 in Berkshire, England. The three Michelin star restaurant specializes in British and French gastronomy. Known as the pioneer of multisensory cuisine, the restaurant aims to provide every guest with a spectacular “dining experience that meets magical theatre.”

The objective of this project was to develop a business expansion plan for The Fat Duck. After evaluating opportunities in international markets, New York City was identified as the most feasible and profitable option. The expansion plan included a trend analysis for the food industry, finalizing the tasting menu, designing the interiors, and estimating the opening and operating budget. The operations, human capital, and an integrated marketing plan for a grand opening in the Big Apple have also been developed after adapting them to the eating culture and restaurant practices of the United States of America.

Company Overview

Trends and Competitor Analysis

Expansion Strategy

Tasting Menu

Operations and Budget

Human Capital

Integrated Marketing Plan